1. All accepted papers must be presented in oral based on the PPT in English using Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF reader as the presentation tool.
  2. Presentation duration including Question & Answer (Q&A) session:
    Tutorial: 45 minutes;
    Workshop: 30 minutes;
    Invited papers: 20 minutes;
    Regular papers: 15 minutes;
  3. Your presentation will be followed by Q&A session. The length of your Q&A session will be coordinated by the session chair(s), depending on the progress of the presentations in the session. Generally, the Q&A session for each paper will not exceed 5 minutes.
  4. You may find your session and the corresponding date & time in the e-Proceeding on the website or program book.
  5. For Online Participants:
    (1) Enter the specific zoom conference room given in the e-Proceeding at least 10 minutes before the session starts;
    (2) Change your Zoom name to Session-number_paper-number-in-session_your_name, e.g. S1C1_1_Jerry;
    (3) Share your presentation materials according to the ZOOM instructions.
    (4) Your microphone should be muted when you are not presenting or asking a question.
  6. For On-site Participants:
    (1) Reach the conference room 5 mins before the session starts;
    (2) Copy your presentation file to the computer in the conference room and rename it to Session-number_paper-number-in-session_your_name, e.g. S1C1_1_Jerry.
    (3) When the session is finished, the coordinator will delete your presentation materials, which will not be copied and disseminated without your authorization.