The scope of 2022 IEEE CAMA includes but is not limited to:

  • Antenna Measurements in Controlled and Non-Controlled Environments
  • Electromagnetic Measurement Methods and Techniques
  • Scattering and Diffraction Measurements
  • Measurement and Calibration Techniques of Near-filed, Far-field, and RCS
  • MIMO and OTA Testing
  • Microwave, Millimeter-Wave, and THz Antennas and Systems
  • Modeling, Simulations, and Predictions of Measurements in Realistic Environments
  • Inverse & Imaging Methods and Techniques
  • Applications: Electromagnetic Metrology and Compatibility, Radar, Radio Astronomy, Terrestrial and Spaced-Based Communications including Wireless Communications, Sensing, Electronic Warfare, Aircraft (incl. UAV, UAS, RPAS) and Automotive, Industry, Medicine, and E-Health, etc.